Friday, 13 March 2009

New arrivals in the garden

Very excited to see a couple of Long-tailed tits taking their breakfast from our tree of fat balls the other day. Don't think in all my [....] years I've ever come across this darling of little birds.

Unfortunately, the Starlings seem to have cottoned on to the tree of fat balls too. They are mean little things. I've noticed that they line up along the gutter of next door's roof and wait until the Sparrows, various members of the Tit family, Wren and Blackbirds are happily pecking away and then swoop down and literally peck at them until they fly off. Not good - will need to put my thinking cap on to put a stop to it.



Lynn said...

Wonderful sketch, Elaine. you are very talented

Elaine said...

Thanks Lynn, that's very kind.