Wednesday, 25 March 2009

First wave of Spring seeds

Feels good to see rows of potted seeds on the conservatory windowsill. Over the last week I've sown individual small pots of Kelvedon Wonder peas, spring onions, Jelapeno chilli and a bigger container of mixed salad. I've got the bug now and want to crack on with all the others! Potatoes (from the Potatoes for Schools campaign) are chitting slowly on the utility room windowsill, they need to get into their individual bags within the next couple of weeks.

As Pepper, the kitten, is rather into digging in fresh soil (he'd completely dug out each seperate section of spring onion seeds within seconds of me bringing them into the kitchen), I decided to rig up a small barrier of sticks, string and silver foil to keep him off the salad! It's working so far - in fact the salad has already started to grow! I am also so amazed at how costly bags of salad are in the shops. As a family, three out of the four of us aren't huge salad eaters, but Paul does enjoy a bowl of salad with dressing when serving up chilli or something similiar. I often find a bag of salad will very quickly go soggy if not eaten within a couple of days. I used to buy just Iceberg lettuce and chop it up as we needed it, but it seemed a little dull! Growing and cutting your own salad leaves is such a brilliant and cheap way to getting just what you need.

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