Friday, 14 May 2010

I'm back ... it's been a while!

Guess what - wonderful news - the purple sprouting broccoli finally decided to sprout! I couldn't believe my eyes when, a couple of weeks ago whilst weeding the veggie bed, I noticed tiny little purple broc heads appearing on the three plants. According to the seed packet, this should have happened in February! It didn't take long for the little heads to become bigger and I started to pick them once I noticed the chickens taking an interest. With the first lot of heads picked, they've now started to produce more - yippee.
2010 - purple sprouting broccoli

Other sowing and growing news:

2010 - chilli
The kitchen once again has turned into a greenhouse. We have lots and lots of pots of baby chilli plants lining one long shelf, together with some tomato plants (ready to be moved into bigger pots).
2010 - tomato

The first batch of mini peas have been moved to their home outside. Sadly only one seed from the second batch decided to produce anything resembling a pea-plant. A third batch have been sown today so fingers crossed. Peas were our best crop last year and I'm hoping for double the amount this summer.