Saturday, 17 October 2009

Bringing in the harvest

Have been clearing the veggie plot of its remaining takings before an early frost takes it all from us!

The more you pick, the more you get it seems in alot of cases. I've taken in loads more beans and tomatoes since taking this picture. I find the beans are best picked young and not too long, otherwise you are a bit stringy when eaten.

The sweetcorn stepped a tiny bit further to successful this year compared to last. Out of the six planted, all but one have produced a single corn, although sadly only one of those we've been able to eat as the others just aren't getting the warmth to ripen fully. The one we tried though was amazing - I'd never tasted corn so fresh and sweet - nothing like the stuff we buy in the shops!

Another planting year done, I guess it's nearly time to start all over again, starting with the garlic!