Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Goodbye Gina


Sad news - we lost Gina, our ex-Tesco Finest hen last week. She'll be missed that's for sure. Full of cheeky character and never one to miss a fallen crumb, scooting at full pelt across the garden at the sight of the tiniest piece of biscuit!

I remember during the winter asking on one of the hen forums for some advice about her rather purple comb. The messages back weren't that promising and I was half expecting her to not survive the bitter weather. However, she was a tough little cookie and perked up once Spring came our way. Leg mites posed the next problem which I thought we'd got sorted fairly sharpish. She hadn't laid eggs for over a year and people said she was probably quite old. Well her time ran out but I was so pleased to have been able, just two days before it happened, to have that final very big cuddle before letting her loose on any fallen crumbs around the garden table.

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