Wednesday, 13 January 2010

2010 here we come!

Actually, veggies for 2010 started on 12th December. I've just been too lazy to update the blog. Actually, that's not true, I was thinking about forgetting this blog, surely it'll just be a repeat of last year. Then I thought about it and realised the reason for veggie blogging is purely to help me keep track of the best times to start the seed process, do the garden chores, to harvest a crop and of course any additional wonderful veggie or outdoor thing that may happen during the year that's different to the last!!

So, I'll kick off by saying the garlic is neatly sowed in two strips along both lengths of the plot. Doing a rotation thing is quite difficult I find as there's only certain veggies I want to grown and eat each year and three of them are all from the onion family! Anyway, I think this is a new spot for them; it may overlap a little from last year but who's being picky ah!?

I've gone for Taylors Garlic Marco and have planted the lot (that's an awful lot - 3 large bulbs in a small plot). We're still enjoying last year's garlic so hopefully we'll have double the bulbs this time next year.

The plot has been under a blanket of snow since before Christmas. At this time of year that area doesn't get much, if any, sun so it's taking its time to budge and this afternoon the snow has started to fall again. I've no idea if the garlic will survive, but seeing as how they need to be sown by the end of December, I'd imagine they're pretty hardy.

The only other veg in my plot is the winter broccoli that was planted in the summer, eaten by the caterpillars except for two leggie green things. They're still big and green and I'm reluctant to dig them up incase sometime in the not too distant future broccoli decides to appear!

Other fab news this week, Georgie our bantam, has laid her first egg of the year! Both hens stopped producting probably around the end of Autumn so this egg was a welcome sight.

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haptree said...

Hey - this is fab! I'm going to try to diarise my veggie tasks this year - we can compare notes - are you on blotanical - some great blogs on there (google it if not) x hilary